My power bill has been cut in half and my whole house is comfortable. Kate P.

We were skeptical whether a ductless heat pump would work, but our oil bills were in excess of $4,400.00 a year. We went with a smaller unit than you suggested just to see if it would work. After four winter months, our oil bill has been cut in half, saving us $2,200.00. 

Don D.

All the staff were polite and very helpful. They helped me understand the product that would work best for me as well as finding me the most affordable deal for my household. The office organized things so well I didn't have any trouble with scheduling what was needed, it was so easy. They did a great job installing the equipment as well. Clean and professional.The are a great local business that I would recommend to all my friends and Family.

Chelsey S.

Best thing I ever did to this house. Now we are warm and cozy and the new system is incredibly quiet. Kathy J.

Alpine Ductless sets the standard in providing HIGH PERFORMANCE systems with QUALITY INSTALLATION. I’m extremely satisfied with the professional and friendly service they provided me and my business. I look forward to doing more business with Alpine Ductless in the future! 

Jonathan, LEED AP

You installed my heat pump in October. I have been on an annual plan with Tacoma Power. After the install, I kept paying the same monthly amount. When I received my February bill it said, “Don’t pay, you have a credit. 

Glen R.

Thank you so much! Our house is so warm and comfortable.

Mike T.

I’ve been telling people it’s fabulous! Highly satisfied. My electric bill has gone down. Thank you! I would highly recommend you guys. Albert R.

We love it, it is unbelievable and amazing. I wish we had done it a year ago. I can’t believe this one little unit cools the whole house too. 

Conrad L.

The team at Alpine Ductless really took the time to explain the benefits of switching over from my expensive electric wall heating units to a newer, more efficient ductless heating system. My new heater was installed in one day, while I was at work and I came home to a quieter house (the wall unit is almost virtually silent) and for the first time in years, a home that was all one even temperature! I’m very pleased with my new system and can really say I trust that the people at Alpine Ductless set me up with exactly what I needed.

Michelle P.

Our electric bill has averaged $43 a month maintaining a temp. of 70-74 in the new house even with the outdoor temp’s in the 90’s. We do have gas hot water and stove but to heat/cool a 1700 sq ft home for less than $50 a month is incredible.