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Remote Reminder

September 6, 2016

So, the rain's back. I have to turn on the lights in the morning because it's getting dark again. I'm hauling out the sweaters and jackets. And, I've had to change my Ductless Heat Pump from air conditioning to heat. It seems as if Summer is taking a bow.

If you're like me, you get used to doing things a certain way, then when you have to change, it requires some thought. Since about April, (sigh, remember those unusually hot days in April?) I have only used the 'Cool' mode on my ductless remote. But today, reluctantly, I made the switch to 'Heat'. It was dark and rainy, and I just couldn't face the chill. But I had to think about how to change the remote to my Ductless Heat Pump since it had been awhile! So, if you've forgotten too, we have a reminder video on how to change from 'Cool' to 'Heat': Go to our Gallery page and select 'How to Operate a Remote' http://www.alpineductless.com/...With our helpful video, it's a snap to make the switch.

And, since you're doing some pre-Winter preparations, don't forget to clean those filters. You can also find information on our Gallery page on how to safely clean your Ductless Heat Pump filters; or you can call us for more information: 253-381-8743 or 360-529-7567

Summer, come back!