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Meet the Mitsubishi One-Way Ceiling Cassette for Ductless Systems

June 11, 2020

Alpine Ductless is proud of our partnership with Mitsubishi. Their products have proven to be exceptionally reliable. So, we would like to take this opportunity to highlight a Mitsubishi product we think you should know about: The Mitsubishi One-Way Ceiling Cassette for ductless systems.

Easy Installation with the Ceiling Cassette

On the forefront of innovation, Mitsubishi offers a sleek, streamlined ceiling cassette for ductless heat pump options. This one-way directional ceiling mount gives it a less obtrusive, more spacious feel. The ceiling placement is usually near a wall blowing across the room which works well when wall space is limited, and lighting equipment is focused in the center of the room. The slim body of the one-way ceiling cassette is only 185mm high and makes for easy ductless installation in restricted ceiling spaces. Since installation can all be done from below there is no need for ceiling cavity service space.

MLZ unit situated between ceiling joists

Improved Airflow and Draft Reduction

The one-way ceiling cassette has several features for a more comfortable cool. Get rid of unpleasant, drafty sensations with the horizontal airflow control that spreads across the ceiling and the dual-level airflow selection that accommodates specific ceiling heights. Moving the outlet vane control up and down or left and right, greatly improves airflow and can also reduce drafts.

Wi-Fi control makes it easy and convenient

With Wi-Fi Control, you can always monitor the unit in any locale via the Wi-Fi Control app. The indoor unit also includes a Wi-Fi pocket which hides the controller, making the indoor unit more aesthetically pleasing. The controller features a weekly and 24 hour On/Off timer to set operating times on a daily basis. And who wouldn’t love the easy to read display, and multitude of operating modes.  

A great solution when wallspace is limited

Mitsubishi’s one-way ceiling cassette offers a ductless heating and cooling solution for limited wall space. Sleek and sophisticated, it’s a great option for those who like clean lines and a less cluttered feel.


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