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Fujitsu Elite Dealer

August 3, 2015

Alpine Ductless is excited and proud to announce we have been named a Fujitsu Elite Contractor!

As a Fujitsu Elite Contractor, we are distinguished from other contractors because of the premier level of training we have earned, and the support and service we provide to our customers.

In order to participate in the Fujitsu Elite Contractor program, a contractor must:

  • Sign Fujitsu’s Contractor Code of Conduct stating that he will conduct business in a professional manner.
  • Use their best efforts in resolving all customer complaints.
  • Be diligent and professional in handling all field service-related issues.
  • Offer Fujitsu systems for all applicable opportunities.
  • Meet state and local compliance and licensing requirements.
  • Meet Fujitsu Training Academy training requirements for Elite Contractor levels.
  • Meet Quality Points requirements for Elite Contractor levels.
  • Maintain current contact information on the online Toolbox.
  • Utilize Fujitsu’s Lead Management System in the online Toolbox and follow up on consumer leads in a timely manner.
  • Earn at least 20 registration points by registering systems installed for customers.

In return for meeting these guidelines, we are now able to offer customers an amazing 12 year warranty– 2 years more than regular Fujitsu dealers are able to offer- on Fujitsu Halcyon Ductless Systems as your local Fujitsu Elite contractor.

We are very excited to offer this longer warranty on Fujitsu products so please give us a call or email to learn more and schedule your free in home estimate today!

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