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Breathe Easier With Your Ductless Heat Pump

August 22, 2019

Usually, the biggest concern people have when it comes to an air treatment system is the house's internal temperature. That can be for comfort and even for health when vulnerable individuals live in the home. It’s important for elderly people and children to stay cool. 

But your air treatment system can also impact health concerning air quality. That is where ductless heat pumps and air purifiers can play a significant role.

Your Home Is Not As Clean As You Think

One of the most common but understandable misconceptions that people have about their home’s air quality is that it’s cleaner and safer than the air outdoors. Of course, there are plenty of particles in the air outside, and people with delicate respiratory systems can attest to the issues poor air quality presents. But just because there aren’t fields of flowers in your home, that doesn’t mean the air inside is clean and pure. 

Every time you open a door or a window, air from outside comes into the home. Particles can also enter through grates or pipes. During peak weeks of spring and summer, commonly referred to as “allergy season,” pollen always makes its way into houses. 

Beyond pollen, other particles like pollutants and smoke can impact our ability to breathe. When forest fires occur, they disperse a large amount of fine, harmful particles that can blanket entire regions. Without additional protection, such as a combination of ductless heat pumps and air purifiers, these contaminants can have a major impact on respiratory health, especially for people with chronic conditions, such as asthma. 

And since a house is a “closed environment,” those particles stay in the home and multiply. Without any means to purify the air or prevent contaminants from entering your home, the air won’t be as clean as it could be for your health. 

People Make Their Own Dirt, Too

Pollen isn’t the only particle getting in your home. Humans contribute to particles floating around as well! Every day, small pieces of skin “die,” and shed, and then replaced with new skin. So, some dust in your home comes from you, your family, and even the pets you keep. Pet dander is responsible for much of the dirt found in the homes of animal lovers.

As unpleasant as it may be to think about, some particles float around and settle, but we breathe them in too. 

Other factors and lifestyle habits, such as smoking, using a wood-burning stove, or even cooking with improper ventilation, can compromise home air quality. Combined with dust mites, dirt created and trapped by carpeting, and other contaminants, the air inside can be much dirtier than the air outdoors, especially with poor circulation. 

But don’t worry! Air purifiers and ductless heat pumps can help you breathe cleaner.

Keeping Your Air Safe With an Air Purifier and Ductless Heat Pumps

For people concerned about air quality, air purifiers are the first line of defense for “scrubbing” the air of contaminants and other particles. Plus, ductless heating and cooling systems can give an additional boost in this fight.

As the name implies, air purifiers are designed to filter the air in a home, screening out the harmful particles and contaminants that might irritate residents’ respiratory systems. If you or another resident have a respiratory condition, an air purifier with a high-efficiency particulate air filter (HEPA filter) can be critical to keeping allergens out of the air. 

For more aggressive air filtration of gases, radon, or other volatile organic compounds (VOCs), you may need a purifier with extra features, such as Ultra Violet (UV) filters and ionizers. Depending on your budget, you may have a purifier installed as part of your current HVAC unit or as a separate unit moved from room to room.

Because ductless heating and cooling systems are located in every major area of the home, they act as an effective assistant to air purifiers. Every unit has a filter, so they’re constantly catching dust and other particles. Since there are no ducts involved in the system’s operation, contaminants aren't transferred to other parts of the home. That is a significant issue with a centralized HVAC system, which has vents running into every room. By working alongside quality air purifiers, ductless heating and cooling systems help make clean, safe air an easier achievement for homeowners.

Alpine Ductless Can Answer Your Ductless Heating and Cooling Questions

If you’re interested in providing your family with cleaner air to breathe inside your home, contact us to talk about ductless heat pumps and air purifiers today.

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