Frequently Asked Questions

How is the System Controlled?

The system is easily controlled with a remote control that adjusts temperature or switches between heat and A/C. You can also opt for a wall mounted control.

What type of home can use a ductless system?

Ductless systems are ideal for replacing or supplementing inefficient electric baseboard, forced air, wood stoves and propane or kerosene space heaters. A cost-effective installation in a small house might consist of a single system serving the main area of the house, while leaving existing electric baseboards in bedrooms and bathrooms.

Homes Using Propane as a Primary Heating Source

Propane is one of the most expensive energy sources for heating your home. Depending on your location, heating your home with propane could be five or six times as costly as heating it with a ductless heat pump! Ductless heat pumps are an better all around choice for those using propane.

Room Additions

A ductless system is a great solution when a room is added onto a house or an attic is converted to living space. Rather than extending the home’s existing ductwork or pipes, a ductless system provides efficient heating and cooling without major construction.

New Construction

Ductless heat pumps are a great choice for today's modern home. New home designs can be adapted to take advantage of a ductless system’s many benefits. One or more systems might be installed in various “zones” of the house to simplify installation and minimize refrigerant line length.

Do I still need my old heaters?

While a ductless system can be used as a primary heat source, we encourage you to keep existing electric heating units as a supplement to your ductless system in case of extreme weather conditions or in hard-to-reach extremities of the home. We can go over all of this when we come to your house for a free consultation.

Are ductless systems efficient?

Yes! They are the most eco friendly and efficient option available! Ductless systems operate using 25% to 50% (or more) less energy than electric resistance and forced air systems, making them one of the most eco-friendly choices available. Modern ductless systems have ultra-high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios (SEER) between 20 and 27, and Heating Seasonal Performance Factors (HSPF) between 10 and 12.5.  Some new systems provide SEER ratings over 30 and HSPF values of more than 14 – almost unheard of even just a few years ago.

Three key factors account for the high efficiency of a ductless system:

Heat Only Where You Need It

Ductless systems allow the user to control each heating/cooling zone independently, so you don't pay to heat or cool rooms that are not currently occupied.

Ductless Means No Energy Leaks

While central air systems lose as much as 30% efficiency through air leaks and conduction in the ductwork, ductless systems distribute air directly to each zone, resulting in 25% greater efficiency.

Advanced Technology

Ductless systems use inverter-driven, variable speed compressors that allow the system to maintain constant indoor temperatures. They run continuously without the great loss in operating efficiency commonly found in electric resistance and forced air systems.

How long have ductless systems been around?

Ductless technology has been around since the 1970s. With proper maintenance and care a ductless system can perform for up to 20 years or more (Several of the major manufacturers have even increased their warranties up to 12 years). Many of the systems installed during the 1980’s are still functioning well today!

How do I know what sized system my home needs?

Ductless systems come in many sizes to meet the needs of your home or business, and we'll help you get the right unit installed. Common sizes for indoor units are 6k/7k, 9k, 12k, 18k, and 24k BTUs. More than one outdoor unit may be necessary for buildings with multiple zones.

What cities do you serve?

Our team is proud to support the energy needs of homeowners and businesses in the counties of Thurston, Mason, Lewis, South King and Pierce, including the cities of Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater, Tenino, Yelm, Ranier, Rochester, Chehalis, Cetralia, Shelton, Puyallup, Tacoma, Parkland, Lakewood, Federal Way, Renton and surrounding areas. Not on this list? Give us a call!

Are Ductless Systems Reliable?

One of the things we love most about ductless systems is that they are a smart long-term investment because they can run for years without major maintenance. Most units today come standard with a 7-12 year warranty.

Alpine Ductless stands behind our units 100%. We offer a 3-year Gold Service Guarantee for all repairs and labor in the rare event that an issue arises with your system.

Do I need to install the system on the wall?

Most people opt for a wall-mounted system because it is the most cost-efficient. But different options are available, including floor and ceiling mounted units if you prefer.

How can you have such competitive prices?

Alpine Ductless has no storefront. We are 100% virtual, which helps keep our prices low, so we can pass the savings on to you!